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Green Bay is a world class fishery!  Whether you are in search of a trophy size musky, a wall hanging walleye, or you just want to catch a limit of eaters for a tasty meal Green Bay has a prime time to visit.


This is our prime river fishing experience for walleyes only.  A variety of jigging techniques are used and some trolling April is common.  Anglers are allowed only 1 fish over 28 inches at this time.  This is primarily catch and release fishing.


The first Saturday in May marks the official start of walleye season!  This is an excellent time to get limits of eater size fish as well as a good shot at a fish over 28 inches. Trolling and jigging are primary techniques.  Musky are closed.


June can be a tricky month with walleye transitioning and bug hatches.  Walleye are targeted by trolling and jigging.  Musky season has opened and trolling emerging weeds can yield early season musky.


This is PRIME Green Bay fishing!  Typically the fish have transitioned to their summer haunts.  Walleye are targeted by trolling, jigging, rigging, casting.  Limits of eater walleyes and big fish over 28 are common.  I begin targeting musky in mid August.                       


All I can say is book your combo trip!  If your a musky nut, this is your month!  Eater size walleyes are available and musky on the move!  Ask Captain Mark about a night trip for walleyes!


As the weather begins to cool, both musky and walleye are migrating to the river and its near areas. Trolling for musky and jigging for walleyes is our main approach.  Good fish of both species are available.  Ask about a reduced price for a 1/2 day trip as it gets cold!

Limits: 5 Walleye per person lake/3 per person River. Two day possession limit on walleye.  Musky is all catch and release.

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